Quality Policy

Aneyron Promociones S.L.

In its constant pursuit of customer satisfaction, senior management at ANEYRON PROMOCIONES S.L., a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and distributing thermo-adhesive applications and transfers, is fully aware of the need to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, its processes and its products, to adapt to market needs and conditions, to improve the company’s social climate and staff motivation, to which end this quality policy is established with the following undertakings:

  • To manufacture all our products according to our customers’ requirements and any other regulatory requirements that apply to the activities and services developed. 
  • To manage and streamline all processes and methods in order to ensure quality, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the social climate of the company. 
  • To manufacture thermo-adhesive transfer products as efficiently as possible. 
  • A culture of continuous improvement and quality in customer service must be ingrained throughout the organisation, meaning any deviations or errors identified, along with any complaints, claims or suggestions received, must be considered a source of information and an opportunity for improvement. 
  • We base our work on the professionalism of our staff and on the importance of training and information as valuable assets for social and professional awareness, thus ensuring that ANEYRON PROMOCIONES, S.L. reaches high levels of prestige and dissemination among new customers. 
  • Preventing errors takes precedence over rectifying them. Awareness of potential deficiencies and how to resolve them will extend throughout the organisation in order to ensure prevention. 
  • Applying control measures to reduce risk, proportional to the value of our assets and those of our customers and other stakeholders (people, means, facilities, systems, etc.), in accordance with the risk analysis carried out and the risk levels accepted by ANEYRON PROMOCIONES, S.L. 

This Quality Policy provides the reference framework for establishing quality targets, with ANEYRON PROMOCIONES S.L.‘s main quality targets being as follows: 

  • To satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations by delivering a product and providing a service that is tailored to their needs. 
  • To continuously improve the quality of the products manufactured, as well as the service demanded by our customers, thus earning their trust and ensuring their loyalty. 

Fulfilling this Quality Policy and its targets, whilst also ensuring continuous improvement, will only be possible with the collaboration and participation of all company staff, which will be achieved by applying our Management System. 

This Policy will be reviewed at least once a year, as part of the Management’s review of the system. 

Zaragoza, 26 May 2017
Victor Manuel Pinilla Bielsa