• Screen-printed thermo-adhesive transfer
  • Single-colour, multicolour and photographic quality
  • Water-based, PVC-free products
  • Soft and highly elastic touch
  • Wide variety of fabrics and bases for placement


  • Heat press


  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certificate
  • Official AITEX certificate (resistance > 120 wash cycles)
  • RSL Certification-Nike International

Bertex HD

  • Option to develop photographic quality and different textures in the designs.

Bertex Elastic

  • Especially suitable for elastic fabrics, Lycra, etc.
  • Recovers consistency after stretching.

Bertex Anti-Migration

  • Application specifically created for sublimated fabrics or very aggressive dyed fabrics.

Bertex Low Fusion

  • Especially suitable for fabrics that do not allow high ironing temperatures.
  • Extremely elastic, recovering its consistency after stretching.

Bertex Nylon

  • Application for fabrics with resin finishes, technical fabrics, nylon, etc.
  • Excellent adherence to raincoats, sports bags, parkas, etc.

Bertex Sports Numbers

  • Numbers: Continuous stock of single-colour numbers.
    • Modelo Aneyron (24 cm / 20 cm / 10 cm)
    • Team model (25 cm / 20 cm / 10 cm)
    • Available in white, black and other standard colours
    • Minimum order: 15 units per number
  • Customised: Option of producing customised names and numbers.
  • We supply to professional football and basketball clubs. From 500 units

Bertex Reflective

  • Reflective screen-printed thermo-adhesive transfer.
  • Option of reproducing maximum definition and colour combinations.

Bertex 90 grados

  • Suitable for industrial washing (certified up to 90º).
  • Intended for the health sector, hotels and restaurants, etc.

Bertex Fireproof

  • Application for fireproof fabrics.
  • AITEX laboratory certificate.